Nov 21, 1:14 a.m., New York
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dpa-AFX International Compact: Disclaimer


Stock Broker Recommendations of RTT News/dpa-AFX


FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - All news items delivered by RTTNews/dpa-AFX are produced with the utmost journalistic care. News items concerning stock broker recommendations provided by third parties only summarize, or report parts of, these recommendations. News coverage provided by RTTNews/dpa-AFX does not constitute in any way, and may not be interpreted as investment advice, or as a suggestion, invitation or request to engage in specific investment activities. Furthermore RTTNews/dpa-AFX news do not substitute, or render unnecessary, tailor-made individual investment advice. RTTNews/dpa-AFX refuse all liability for damages and losses of all kind which might occur as a result of basing any specific investment decisions on RTTNews/dpa-AFX coverage. RTTNews/dpa-AFX have no influence on, and no responsibility for the contents of the stock broker recommendations they report; the responsibility for such recommendations rests solely with the issuing company. Please refer to the companies issuing the recommendations, and their websites, for any information on possible conflicts of interests.


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