Nov 25, 2:58 a.m., New York
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Yen Falls Against Majors


OTTAWA (dpa-AFX) - The Japanese yen weakened against the other major currencies in the Asian session on Tuesday.

The yen fell to 112.79 against the U.S. dollar and 84.48 against the Canadian dollar, from an early 3-week high of 112.26 and a 4-day high of 84.22, respectively.


Against the euro and the Swiss franc, the yen dropped to 121.33 and 112.94 from an early near 2-week highs of 120.66 and 112.49, respectively.

Against the pound and the NZ dollar, the yen slipped to 139.43 and 79.49 from yesterday's closing quotes of 139.11 and 79.38, respectively.

If the yen extends its downtrend, it is likely to find support around 115.00 against the greenback, 86.00 against the loonie, 123.00 against the euro, 114.00 against the franc, 143.00 against the pound and 80.00 the against the kiwi.

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